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1. Set up outer leg set.
2. Insert inner leg set at 45° angle, pull together.
3. Place table top corners over ends of frame. Slip all 4 hanger bolts into leg slots and tighten.

The Knock-Down & Store-Away Patio Table

This great Patio Table solves the age-old off season storage problem, once and for all!

The simple act of storing your patio furniture away during the Winter, off-season months can easily turn a roomy garage or basement into a real “clutter-center”, leaving little room for your cars or other belongings. One answer to the problem is this clever Knock-Down-&-Store-Away Patio Table. Not only does it provide plenty of sturdy space for entertaining while in use, it also disassembles in a couple of minutes, then stores neatly away in a minimal amount of space


We built our example from top-grade 2x4's and pine boards, then stained it to a rich, dark color. However, it could just as easily be made from Western Red Cedar or Redwood...which are attractive and remain unaffected by the weather...from teak, which is also impervious to the weather, yet quite costly....or from virtually any wood you like.

Our example is 42" square when assembled. If your is a larger family and you require more space, just alter the dimensions to suit your needs.

The table will require:

  • (4) 1" x 8" boards, 8' long
  • (1) 1" x 8" board, 12' long
  • (1) 2" x 6" board, 12' long
  • (2) 2" x 4" boards, 12' long
  • (1) 9" long chunk of 4" x 4"
  • All hardware listed in the Bill of Materials (use brass or stainless)

Sawing and Construction
Start by cutting all pieces to size, according to the Bill of Materials. Next, saw the 45-degree bevels on the ends of the Top Skirt (G), Feet (A) and Leg Braces (B). Use your Disc Sander to remove all saw marks from the ends of these pieces.

Set-up your Table Saw for Dadoing and adjust your Blades to make a 3/4" wide cut. Saw the notches in the Feet (A) and Upper Braces (D).



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