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The Knock-Down & Store-Away Patio Table

This great Patio Table solves the age-old off season storage problem, once and for all!

Drive the screw ends of the hanger bolts into the Corner Blocks (L). Glue and screw the Top Skirt (G) to the Corner Blocks (L) using 24 #6 x 2" screws. Mount the Long Cleats (J) and Slat Braces (K) to the Top Skirts (G). Use three #8 x 2" screws for each Cleat and one #8 x 2" screw at each end of the two Slat Braces.

Screw and glue the Leg Braces (B) to the Legs (C) using five #8 x 1-1/2" screws for each, then glue the umbrella Post Holder (F) to the center of the inner Foot (A). Turn the Top Assembly upside-down and temporarily secure the Legs (C) to the Corner Blocks (L) using Flat Washers and Hex Nuts (or Wing Nuts).

Position the Feet (A) upside-down on the Legs (C) and fasten them to the Legs using glue and two countersunk #8 x 2-1/4" screws for each Leg. Screw the Upper Braces (D) to the Legs (C) using two #8 x 2-1/4" screws at each end of each Brace.

Turn the Table over and screw the evenly-spaced Top Slats (H) to the assembled Top Frame, using eight #6 x 2" screws per slat (DO NOT GLUE). Slide your umbrella post into the post holder hole. Mount the Spacers (E) next to the umbrella post between each pair of Upper Braces (D) using two #6 x 2" screws for each of the four Spacers (DO NOT GLUE).

Sand and finish the Table using an exterior grade of stain.

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